Books for Writing 2: World Building

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World Building

As a person writing a fantasy novel, coming up with a developed and unique world has been both really fun and a challenge. When it comes to my weakest point in writing, I would have to say description and that follows to world building. I also have no idea really what I want my world to physically look like so it’s kind of vague at this point in my first draft.

One thing I have done to help me envision my world is make maps. Continue reading “Books for Writing 2: World Building”


Books for Writing 1 : Crafting Characters

A piece of advice I’ve gotten from pretty much every author who is asked how to become a writer is to read as much as you can. Although most of the time I’m searching for another answer since I’ve heard it so many times already, I have to agree that it’s good advice.

I always find it really helpful to have books I can go to when I’m having writer’s block or if I’m writing something I just have no idea how to approach. I also find that after reading certain books, they find their way into my own writing somehow and help transform it. A friend of mine asked me to help her edit the novel she’s working on and I found myself frequently recommending books that have similar elements to her story or are good examples of things I think would help her writing. So I thought it may be fun write a post sharing some of the books I like to go to when I need help with all of you. I’ll try my best not to spoil anything.

Because there are so many influential books that come to mind, I’ve decided instead of writing one super extremely long post, I will write multiple long post. I am by no means an expert in writing in any way, but I wanted to also include some of my own tips for whatever subject the post discusses. Feel free to comment your own or let me know if any of this is at all helpful. 🙂

Crafting Characters

If I were to talk about what I think are my strengths and weaknesses, crafting characters would probably would fall under both. In some of the stories I’ve written, the characters just come to me. I have their whole history figured out, their relationships with others, their likes and dislikes, their voice. In others, it takes me long while to figure out who they are. I’m a big pantser, meaning I like to write without an outline, and most of the time the characters will reveal themselves to me as I continue to write. Continue reading “Books for Writing 1 : Crafting Characters”